Smartphone chargers to be ‘universal’

multiple mobile charger

European politicians have voted for a new law to force phone manufacturers to use one type of charger, to make it easier to charge devices and to cut down on waste. The plans are expected to come into force in 2016, after which phone makers have a year to start offering the new charger. It’s likely that the design of choice will be Micro USB connectors – already used by many devices. The one sticking point could be Apple, which uses its own proprietary design, although the company supports the ‘universal’ idea.

So, it means is – No more fiddling with connectors to figure out which charger is the right one for your phone. It’s also likely that smartphones will stop coming with a dedicated charger, because you’ll already have one – meaning you won’t have old chargers clogging up your drawers.

Our only complaint is how long it’s taken to approve. The common charger idea has been in the works since 2009, and the shift won’t happen until 2017. Think of all the wasted plastic and electronics sitting in landfill – and the wasted time spent searching for the right connectors.

Bras to power your iPod
Wonder Bra!

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