Secrets of Magic: Revealed!

Secrets of Magic: Revealed!

The Byronic Man

The trick:  Sawing the lady in half.  A woman is placed in a narrow box.  The box is then sliced in half.  The two sections are separated and the woman is still able to move her toes.  The halves are then put back together and the woman emerges unharmed.

How it’s done: It’s a little known medical fact that the human body is held together through a complex system of magnets.  By placing a sheet of de-magnetized metal through the mid-section, the upper and lower body pop right apart without harm.

The clue: Notice people in the front row.  People with loose change, car keys or metallic fillings in their teeth may discover them whizzing through the air toward the bisected assistant.  This is also how the assistant earns a living.

The trick:  Escaping from the shackles.  The magician is handcuffed or manacled, checked by the audience that…

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