Tridiv: an amazing web-based CSS 3D editor

Coder Julian Garnier has made waves in the development community with the release of his extraordinary web-based 3D editor, Tridiv.

The editor provides a traditional four-pane interface that gives a view from each plane, as well as a preview pane showing the final object. It’s possible to create extremely sophisticated 3D objects, as demonstrated by this impressive example. HTML and CSS is generated on the fly and can be edited within Tridiv or over on CodePen.

Garnier suggests that a good use-case for Tridiv is in creating logo animations similar to the one he uses on the landing page: “No JavaScript is needed, and it runs pretty smoothly on iOS devices (I haven’t tested other mobile platforms yet), which is a scenario in which JavaScript will fail most of the time. So I think it can be really be useful for logos and simple UI elements, where using JavaScript is probably not worth it.”

Trivdiv is free to use and available now.


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